Baby Things: Pink, White, and Gold

In September I was asked by a dear family friend to make a crib skirt and a matching bed runner (for the twin bed that will also be in the room) as part of a surprise nursery decor basket for her niece who is expecting her first child. The rest of the bedding, blankets (some from Etsy), and pillows for the room were already bought and/or made.

We decided to go with a ruffled crib skirt, and the bed runner would have the chevron fabric covering the top of the bed with the light pink off of the edges and across the entire back. The fabric and thread were provided to me, and I already had everything else I needed.


  • The chevron pattern fabric was purchased on Etsy
  • The solid white was cut from a bed sheet
  • The black cut was from JoAnn Fabrics
  • I chose to buy ¼” double-fold pre-made bias tape, also from JoAnn Fabrics

For those of you who are interested, here are the finished dimensions I worked from for the crib skirt and the bed runner:


Crib mattress dimensions are 28″ x 52″ and I wanted to make sure that only the ruffled chevron fabric would show on any edge, so I made it so that the chevron fabric laid about 1/2″ on the base before hanging over the sides. I went with a 16″ drop on the skirt because I found that there is no real standard for length; I went to a bunch of stores and everything I found ranged from 12.5″ to 17″ so I decided 16″ would be a reasonable length.

We knew that we wanted the chevron pattern to lay horizontally, but fabric was only about 44″ across and I needed more than 52″ for each of the long sides. I knew I would have to connect two pieces to reach the appropriate length for the ruffle. I chose to do this using a French seam because of the way it looks finished, the backside of which can be seen below:


Finished crib skirt (I don’t have a crib nor a remotely squared table at my disposal, so an open floor shot is all I could do):

I finished the bed runner the way I would a quilt by using batting in the middle and completing the edges with bias tape:


There are still finishing touches to put on the room, but a lot of it is now in place. I recently received a picture of the nursery since it has been put together. The room is subtly Harry Potter themed as well!


Best of luck with your baby girl, Bekah!

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