Favorite Five From Year One

Today marks one year since I started my blogging journey. I have been on many amazing adventures and experienced so many things that have shaped me, and I am grateful to have shared my story in this way. Every post is special to me in some way because I have taken the time to share the topic in a way that honors it – this is not just a play-by-play of what happens in my life (even my Twitter doesn’t go that far).

My quilting pieces, though not the focus, are important because quilting is a creative outlet that allows me to feel and focus very deeply. The pieces featuring favorite quotes or books are my way of sharing wisdom I’ve gained through rough times and how those passages made me reflect more deeply about what was going on. Personal writings about my family help me keep transparency, remind others that every family has big issues, and allow me an outlet for what I’m feeling and thinking. Travel pieces are the fun ones; they allow me to reminisce about wonderful adventures with wonderful people in my life, and encourage others to get out there and explore, too.

I decided to use the anniversary of my blog launch to reveal my 5 favorite posts from the last year and why they were so important for me to share. Of my 28 posts so far, there were quite a few serious contenders for the top spots, and among those that narrowly missed the top spots included my trip to Texas and the road trip that followed (making this the 6th summer in a row with a major road trip), the beauty of the Lewis Creek Trail hike I did with Abigail, my White Picket Fence rant, the anniversary post for my trip to Redwoods National Park with Shannon, and my trip to Yosemite with Lela last September!

With that, here are my 5 favorite posts from my first year of blogging:


#5 – So, what does a quilt cost?

This was my first post, and I’m still very happy with how this post came out. Even though my posts have veered away from the creative spectrum, quilting is something I’m truly passionate about and I knew this information was important to pass on. In the last year I haven’t gotten to quilt nearly as much as I would have liked to. Life the last year has definitely gotten in the way of a lot of things I had wanted to do, and this is one of them.


#4 – Lessons From Tolkien

Going back and reading this post nearly a year later elicits quite a few emotions for me. At the time this was written, Colin was still alive. I have also come into myself more, and I have grown so much in the 9 months I have spent at my job. It may not be my forever career, but everything in me says that it is where I need to be right now and that the path I’m following is the best for me. Since then, I have also picked up other projects, hobbies, and explored other interests, and I feel so much more fulfilled. Every once in awhile, I’d even venture to say the glitter comes out.

The last year has done so much to shape me for the future – there are many things that continue to happen that I feel more prepared for than I could have imagined, and in that way I am grateful. I have seen repair in areas of my life where it’s been needed, prepared some areas in my life for new growth as I welcome new people and experiences, and walked away from others that no longer serve me.

#3 – The First of Many Posts I Swore I’d Never Write

This post only counts as a “favorite” because of how I shared my story. I hate the topic, and I wish every single day I didn’t have a reason to write it in the first place. I’m thankful I was able to find a way to describe everything that had gone on after Colin died, especially because we didn’t hold a service for him and we all closed ourselves off from a lot of the outside world. Once again, if you’re not already, be an organ and tissue donor. We are aware of at least 2 people who directly benefited from Colin being a donor, and it is a beautiful (partial) legacy to leave.

#2 – Yosemite Falls Had Us Mist-ified!

This post means a lot to me because it commemorates one of my biggest accomplishments to date. This trail was one of the biggest physical challenges I’ve faced and had bested me in the past, which made it even more rewarding when we made it to the top of Yosemite Falls. Some of my favorite pictures ever taken of myself are from this hike, and I will never forget Charlotte and I finishing what we committed to.

#1 – Dapper Day Spring 2017 at Disneyland

My favorite post from this last year was about Dapper Day in Disneyland for Hannah’s 24th birthday. Our outfits came together beautifully, we got to meet the Dapper Dans, and the pictures from this trip came out so vibrantly I couldn’t stop staring! Overall, the weather was great, the food was great, the atmosphere during Dapper Day in the park was great, and this is a tradition I would love to participate in again.


Cheers to the first year of consistent blogging! I’m so excited to see what experiences this project shares in the future and all the memories I will make with people dear to me.

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