2017 in Review

Written 12/30/17

This morning, I found myself sitting with my boyfriend going through some self reflection exercises at his suggestion, based on recurring themes of conversations we’ve been having as of late. The last few months have been trying, and we have both found ourselves not only faced with stresses, but feeling as though a lot of our favorite activities and usual priorities had taken a back burner; both of which were realizations that neither of us liked.

The first thing we did was chart out our individual sources of stress and the factors contributing to those sources. Then, we made lists of what we are interested in starting or already know are interests that we would like to do more of. Moving forward, we’re going to revisit our stressors on a monthly basis and our hope is to see them diminishing. With our lists of activities, we are going to figure out which are independent activities, things we can do while occupying the same space (example: he could be outside woodworking while I am inside writing or reading), and things we can do together.

Every year brings it’s own share of challenges. Some years they are based in family matters, others are filled with trials brought on from external sources, and some center in personal tribulations. There are also the years that see all three. This has been one of those years.

2017 saw some of the most annoying health issues I’ve faced yet, a loss of more family, and seemingly never ending waiting games in other family related matters.

As challenging as 2017 was, there were little victories, and moving towards 2018, that’s what I want to focus on.

  • My lifelong best friend asked me to be her Maid of Honor


  • My parents celebrated 30 years of marriage




  • I got to experience the Madonna Inn as a guest, not just a passer through
  • I got to stand by another of my best friends as she committed herself to her best friend


  • Last but not least, my aunt came to every family gathering this year, including grandma’s birthday lunch, my father’s birthday brunch, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

This last year I got to visit a lot of amazing places and meet so many lovely people. Through it all, I learned a lot about myself, and I’m excited to see what adventures and relationships come out of next year!

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