I See You, My Forever Buddy

In many cases, I believe that the things most people chalk up to coincidences are more than just that. Since Colin passed, there have been some things that simply cannot be ignored. I attribute it to one thing, and his mom attributes it to another, but we are very much in agreement that his spirit is still with us. This afternoon, I experienced yet another blatant sign of this that I felt inclined to share.

I found myself in a conversation where I was asked about how my family celebrates holidays. I explained that I can probably count on one hand the number of times that my family has actually celebrated holidays on the internationally recognized day because of my father and my aunt’s chosen professions. I also commented that this Thanksgiving is likely to be different, too, but went no further into the explanation and dropped the topic. Despite that, Colin (and the struggle that the upcoming holiday will present) was on my mind the entire time.

During the conversation, I was working on a project that featured examples using names. In everything I had seen up to that point, names used in examples had been rather obscure (as in I knew no one with the names used up to that point). I’ll be damned if the example I moved on to after I ended the conversation didn’t have his name clear as day in the middle of the page.

Candid image from a family wedding in 2013

For me, this simple occurrence was a world of assurance that Colin’s spirit is still with us in what we do, and I cannot begin to describe how comforting that feeling is.